Margia Stone

If you are looking for an industrial floor suited for the fishing and poultry industry, Margia Stone is a good option. Margia Stone is a new type of floor that basically combines two types of industrial floors that Ruys has been laying for years: Margia washed granite flooring and Korodur reinforced screed. The Margia Stone industrial floor combines the strength of the reinforced floor with the favourable properties of granite. The floor is hardwearing, can be finished smooth or anti-slip and remains resistant to the effects of fork-life trucks, carts, crates and pallet trucks for upwards of 20 years.

Tailor-made roughness

If the industrial floor in your processing space has to endure intensive use, good anti-slip qualities are essential for safety. By contrast, the floor of a dry cold store can have a smoother finish.

The process used for the Margia Stone industrial floor and the expertise of our people mean the degree of toughness can be adapted from one space to another – from smooth to orange peel to heavy-duty anti-slip.

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  • smooth, rough or anti-slip
  • seamless with skirting board and drains
  • fulfils all HACCP, EU and USDA standards
  • liquid-proof
  • easy to clean
  • long useful life
Resistant to:
  • blood
  • fatty acids
  • heavy mechanical loads
  • acids and alkalines between pH 4-14
  • high-pressure cleaning up to 50°C

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