Granitech renovation flooring

Granitech industrial floors are high-quality screeds developed using the latest cement technology and offering a broad range of applications in new building and renovations for the food processing and heavy industries. Thanks to their unique material properties, these screeds have a high density and durability and are resistant to a wide variety of chemical compounds. As a result, Granitech floors can be used at locations where traditional industrial floors impose limitations.

Floor renovation, good preparation is half the work

Before your industrial floor can be laid, a thorough analysis must first be carried out. After all, every renovation is unique. That is why Ruys Vloeren makes sure that key problems are properly analysed beforehand and the necessary solutions identified. Due to its extremely rapid hardening, high compressive strength and moisture resistance, Granitech industrial flooring is the ideal floor renovation solution. Once the substrate has been properly prepared (for example by milling, demolition or blasting) a perfect new, functional industrial floor can be laid with a minimum layer thickness of 12 mm.

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  • quickly ready for use (24-48 hours)
  • very high compressive strength
  • very hardwearing
  • liquid-proof
  • small layer thickness
Resistant to:
  • very heavy mechanical loads
  • unstable or contaminated substrates
  • large temperature fluctuations
  • blood
  • fatty acids

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