Korodur / Korotan renovation flooring

The Korotan screed is a high-quality industrial resurfacing with the same properties as the Korodur reinforced screed. However, the Korotan screed is applied as a single layer of approximately 15 mm on load-bearing, hardened concrete. This small layer thickness combined with the properties and benefits of a Korodur reinforced screed make this the ideal industrial floor for renovation work. For example, in buildings where the current floor has proved insufficiently wear and tear and impact resistant, no longer meets requirements for safe and efficient work, or in projects involving extreme water loads. Korotan screed is an excellent solution for warehouse flooring, for example.

Floor renovation, good preparation is half the work

Before laying a new industrial floor during a renovation, we first carry out an extensive analysis. This is necessary because every renovation is unique. Ruys Vloeren ensures that key problems are properly analysed beforehand and the necessary solutions identified. The combination of a small layer thickness and excellent properties of a Korodur reinforced screed make the Korotan screed your ideal floor renovation solution.

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  • very hardwearing
  • dust-free
  • very impact resistant
  • liquid-proof
  • environmentally friendly
  • moisture resistant
Resistant to:
  • steel and nylon edging
  • mineral oils
  • petrol
  • solvents
  • inks
  • alkalis

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