Margia Crete renovation flooring

The ideal combination for your renovation

Anyone who listens to their customers like Ruys Vloeren does, knows that renovation work is on an upward trend and that the concept of 'time is money' is key. In industrial spaces, renovations often have to be carried out in damp conditions, under pressure of time and to limited thickness specifications. At the same time, there must be no limitation on quality, which has to be good as ever. The solution offered by Ruys, based on years of testing, is the the MARGIA-CRETE floor.

This floor combines the strength and anti-slip qualities of MARGIA granite flooring and the moisture resistance, small layer thickness and short hardening time (24 hours maximum) of a polyurethane-cement floor. The MARGIA-CRETE is also thermally and chemically resistant.

After the renovation with Margia-Crete

The look of Margia granite flooring

The MARGIA-CRETE floor has the same look as the MARGIA granite flooring frequently used at meat production companies. However, in this case it is made with a finer grain of granite and the finished product is not a 40-50 mm thick cement mortar screed floor but a polyurethane cement floor with a thickness of approximately 4 to 6 mm. The MARGIA-CRETE can be quickly laid and used.

Combination with Ruys sloping floor

If good drainage is required, the MARGIA-CRETE screed can also be laid on a new, steel-fibre reinforced concrete sloping layer. This is laid by Ruys Vloeren itself and finished at a slope of 1%, meaning that Ruys Vloeren can guarantee a puddle-free floor. Combined with stainless steel edging, for example, with the oblique edge finished by Ruys Vloeren identically to the the floor, this is an excellent solution that fulfils all HACCP, USDA, EC and BCE requirements.

Brochure and other documentation

A brochure about the MARGIA-CRETE floor is available to download at the right-hand side of this page.
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  • very hardwearing
  • can bear a very high mechanical load
  • thermal resistance up to 130°C
  • anti-slip (R13)
  • small layer thickness ( 4-6 mm)
  • liquid-proof
  • quickly ready for use (24 hours)
  • seamless
  • easy to clean
  • resistant to chemicals

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Margia crete brochure
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