Korodur reinforced screed

The Korodur reinforced screed is a high-quality industrial floor. This industrial floor is resistant to very high dynamic, mechanical, impact, point and shear loads. The Korodur reinforced screed is a very popular industrial floor suited for use in warehouses, car parks, workshops, printing establishments, large industrial halls, distribution and logistics centres, industrial spaces and more.

Korodur pantser dekvloer D75

The Korodur hardwearing screed is available in two different forms:

Korodur strewn layer screed (D75-N) and Korodur reinforced screed (D75-S)

These very hardwearing industrial floors are laid on the rough construction floor in a minimum thickness of 35-40 mm (comprising two layers) during the finishing stage, in accordance with NEN 2741. In the case of the strewn layer screed, the top layer is strewn with 4 to 5 kg of Korodur aggregate per m². In the case of the reinforced screed, the 10 mm top layer consists almost entirely of Korodur (15 to 18 kg per m²).

These industrial floors can truly withstand the heaviest of loads and are even resistant to steel tank caterpillar tracks. They are ideal for the heavier industries such as metal workshops, garages, production buildings as well as various other uses.

Super flat strewn layer and reinforced screed

Special flatness requirements often apply to warehouses and high-tech spaces. Both these screeds can be applied super flat in accordance with the strictest European requirements under NEN 2747 (classes 1+2) and DIN 15185.

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  • very hardwearing
  • dust-free
  • very impact resistant
  • liquid-proof
  • environmentally friendly
  • moisture resistant
Resistant to:
  • steel and nylon edging
  • mineral oils
  • petrol
  • solvents
  • inks
  • alkalis

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